About Me


I’m Nelly and I am the most normal person you ever will meet. Yup, I’m the averagest Joe that you ever will know…why? Because I have anxiety, of course.

Did you think that I call myself “normal” because I’m perfect, I have no problems and my life just cruises along, with nothing out of the ordinary happening? Au contraire, mon frère.

I am normal because I have a difficulty; something that makes me feel different from those, you know, “regular people.” Actually, I have several difficulties, but let’s focus on the main one….Anxiety.

I worry. I fret. I fear.

I stew. I stress. I digress…

When I started to become aware of the symptoms, before I even knew I had a “thing” called “anxiety,” I tried to hide it. My biggest fear was that the people around me would notice that I was uncomfortable. So my primary focus became covering up my dis ease…denying my own needs in order to control what others thought about me.

It was about 10 years before I identified this difficulty as “anxiety” and another couple years before I decided to do something about it; to choose my own, genuine happiness over a misguided belief that I can, in any way, control what others think about me (or anything else, for that matter).

And, please understand that by “my own, genuine happiness” what I mean is my own comfort – a sense of ease and calm that would be a nice change from the hyper ALERTNESS that is all too often my daily temperament.

Today, I am actively working on coping with my anxiety. I’m not fixing it, getting rid of it or covering it up. I am acknowledging it, embracing it and working WITH it.

I welcome you to join me for any or all of this journey, and I hope that you take away a little “yah!” for yourself.