This is How I Feel…


Nervous     Worried       Concerned      Uneasy        fretful      full of angst fearful        doubtful      dreadful      jitters      miserable      agitated     misgiving       mistrusting

panicked       unbalanced       restless      SUFFERING        troubled      uncertain   butterflies      careful       disquieted      distressed       fidgety       shaky     fussy      bothered         shakes      shivers         watchful        all-overs        ants in pants         goose bumps         nail-biting        pins and needles            eager       intense       impatient       itchy       frantic       ardent         off        avid         expectant         upset       wired    uncomfortable         TENSE        unsettled      neurotic         agitated       taut        carried away       apprehensive         edgy       ill at ease           twitchy         solicitous         overwrought         on tenterhooks               like a fish out of water         antsy          weird       discomposed           uptight         basket case            hyper        in a tizzy   daunted        vigilant          cautious   perplexed             fidgety         perturbed          frozen           stuck        petrified            intimidated           crazed         berserk            shook up       unhinged         hysterical           out of one’s mind          crazy         mental      worked up           tied up in knots           worried sick            desperate

oppressed            frazzled       irked       OBSESSIVE          weighed down           addled        discomposed         muddled             unglued             “bundle of nerves”       skittish              touchy         ALERT!!!       all a dither          unnerved             keyed up            harried            beset           hard-pressed            wonky      stressed       AWKWARD            insecure             self-conscious               unsure      rattled                    disconcerted   ruffled   riled up   frazzled     wonky   beside myself     agitated    turbulent      indefinite      meek

Too many of these words take up too much of my day.

These words represent feelings that wash over me often and stay with me far too long.   Typically, I either try to ignore these feelings or put my head down and barrel through them, but I am learning that this doesn’t work. The more I ignore them, the more they stick around. They come for a reason and need to be acknowledged, so they will hold their ground until I give them some attention.

I am learning that I have to see these feelings and spend a little time with them. I need to identify them and sit compassionately with them. I need to give them space and attention. Only then will they release their strong hold on me and flow away – leaving room for other, more peaceful feelings.

What are some of your difficult feelings? The ones that you wish would give you some breathing room?

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One thought on “This is How I Feel…

  1. Sorry I’m getting behind on reading your blogs–I can imagine it’s also hard for you to make sure you post regularly! Feelings I know aren’t rational, but which still visit me more often than I’d like: “No one will show up”, “I’m not tough enough for this career”, “I’ll never have time to get all this done”, “I’m such a mess”, “Why would anyone want to date me when I’m so unhappy all the time and my apartment is always a disaster?”… Those are just the first few that come to mind. Down with ANTs!

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