This is How I Want to Feel…


Relaxed     breezy     calm   carefree   casual     composed

E a s y   flexible   laid-back   unconcerned   nonchalant   serene

tranquil   collected     even-tempered   free and easy

loose   happy-go-lucky!    mild   n a t u r a l     unconstrained

light     cool as a cucumber   cool-headed        unruffled

imperturbable   laid back      level-headed     unemotional     still

serene      pleased   satisfied   placid    adequate     content

soothed   happy   CLEARheaded         sure of myself

self-assured   serene     harmonious   in order     reposed

complacent     BOLD      assertive        satisfied     certain

hopeful     positive     secure     undaunted   VALIANT

organic     unapologetic  confident


I am shocked at how distant and unfamiliar these words seem to me. I want to feel these words more. A lot more, but I am somehow scared and intimidated by them. If I let them in and stay for too long, its like I am letting my guard down. I wouldn’t be prepared if something were to go wrong. How can I be “ready” for scary eventualities if I am lost in a cloud of fuzzy, feel-good feelings?

What I am trying to understand is that “ready” and “content” can co-exist. And beyond that – I don’t have to be “ready” all the time. I just need to trust that, when something scary arises, I can handle it. I can be comfortable and prepared at the same time.

What are some feelings that you want? Feelings that seem illusive but that you would love to become regular, constants in your life?

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